8/24 - Official Comments to the FCC on DSRC Safety and Privacy

On August 24th, OTI filed comments supporting an emergency stay due to cybersecurity and privacy threats related to the auto industries use of the 5.9 GHz band. OTI, alongside 20 other public interest groups, sent a separate letter to the FCC on the same subject. Both can be found below. 


Public Knowledge, Open Technology Institute at New America, Institute for Local SelfReliance, Center for Rural Strategies, Access Humboldt, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, and Consumer Watchdog (collectively, “Commenters”) submit these comments in response to the Commission’s Public Notice requesting comment on our Petition for Rulemaking and Emergency Stay of Operation of Dedicated Short-Range Communications Service in the 5.850- 5.925 GHz Band (5.9 GHz Band) (“Petition”). Commenters appreciate the Commission’s prompt attention to the important issues raised by the petition and discussed further in these comments, particularly in light of the auto industry’s persistent effort to deploy unsecure devices into the marketplace before these issues can be addressed. We reiterate our request that the Commission act with all appropriate speed to address these concerns.

Commenters appreciate this opportunity to expand upon several aspects of the Petition. In particular, these Comments will offer expanded discussion of the cybersecurity threat posed by the deployment of commercial services in the DSRC band, the impact on consumer privacy presented by mandatory deployment of the DSRC service without any privacy protections in place, and further analysis of the potential harms arising from commercialization of the DSRC service in the first place

Download the full comments below: 

Petition of Rulemaking and Request for Emergency Stay of Operation for Dedicated Short-Range Communications Service in the 5.850-5.925 GHz Band (5.9 GHz Band) 

Download the letter below: 

Letter of Support for Petition of Rulemaking