7/11 - Ex Parte: Use of Spectrum Bands Above 24 GHz for Mobile Radio Service

Michael Calabrese, director of the Wireless Future Project at OTI, has engaged extensively on this issue, including filing extensive comments and, this past week, a series of ex parte filings, with Public Knowledge, to further highlight concerns with the order.

The following statement can be attributed to Michael Calabrese, director of the Wireless Future Project at New America’s Open Technology Institute:

The FCC’s order is extremely shortsighted. Because the big carriers will use these bands only in city centers and high-traffic indoor venues, exclusive and indefinite licenses over large geographic areas are likely to leave these millimeter bands vacant in more than 95 percent of the country and millions of venues. This creates a risk of foreclosure and warehousing that will undermine both competition and innovation."

Public interest groups will urge the FCC to act quickly on the dynamic sharing proposals it has deferred for further debate. Most important is to allow opportunistic public access to all unused spectrum in these bands and to ensure that the 600 megahertz set aside for sharing with federal incumbents is not auctioned, but open for use by any institution or individual.”

Download the full ex parte filing below: 

Ex Parte: GN Docket No. 14-177