12/12 FCC Reply Comments Opposing Waiver for Licensed Use of Unlicensed 900 MHz Band

Regulatory/Legislative Filings
Dec. 12, 2016

Public Knowledge and Open Technology Institute at New America (“PK and OTI”) submits these Reply Comments regarding the Commission’s Public Notice seeking comments regarding petitions by Helen Wong-Armijo, FCR, Inc., Skybridge Spectrum Foundation, and Telesaurus Holdings GB LLC, (collectively, “Licensees”), for service waivers and construction extensions relating to their Multilateration Location and Monitoring Service (“M-LMS”) licenses. As in the case of PCS Partners’ requests issued earlier this year,  PK and OTI oppose any grant of extension or waiver for these licenses. The Licensees in this proceeding have similarly failed to make use of the extensions already granted them. Additional extensions would run contrary to past Commission holdings, and would not serve the public interest. Under these circumstances, the Commission should deny these Petitions.

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