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6/1 - OTI, PK, CCA Joint Reply Comments on Number Portability Transition Plan

On June 1, OTI filed joint reply comments with Public Knowledge (PK) and the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) on the Number Portability Transition Plan.


Competitive Carriers Association (“CCA”), the Open Technology Institute at New America (“OTI”), and Public Knowledge (collectively, the “Associations”) hereby respond to initial comments on the Transition Oversight Plan (“Transition Plan”) submitted by North American Portability Management LLC (“NAPM”) in the above-captioned proceedings. Several commenters agree with CCA and OTI that NAPM’s recommendations for transitioning to a new Local Number Portability Administrator (“LNPA”) could benefit from targeted improvements to maximize small carrier and consumer participation in the transition process. Additionally, the Associations jointly request that the Commission direct the North American Numbering Council (“NANC”) and the new LNPA to help facilitate immediate, seamless wireless-to-wireless number porting nationwide. Consumers and competitive carriers continue to be disadvantaged by unnecessary geographic constraints on number portability, and the LNPA transition provides an ideal opportunity to rectify this divide.

Download the full comments below:

OTI, PK, CCA Joint Reply Comments on Number Portability Transition Plan