Press Releases

House Lawmakers Say No To Encryption Backdoors

OTI welcomes this report, which was signed by the chairmen and ranking members of both committees, as well as a number of other members.

OTI Statement on Chairman Wheeler's Departure

Chairman Wheeler left an indelible mark on our country’s communications policy.

TechCongress Announces Second Class of Congressional Innovation Fellows

TechCongress is pleased to announce its 2017 class of Congressional Innovation Fellows.

When the Clock Strikes Midnight, Government Hacking Will Expand Dramatically

At midnight, changes to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure that will significantly expand government hacking go into effect.

Coalition Asks Congress to Delay Rule that Will Expand Government Hacking

Today, OTI joined 26 civil society organizations, trade associations, and companies to support the passage of the Review the Rule Act.

OTI Commends FCC Approval of Strong Broadband Privacy Rules

The Order adopted by the FCC implements strong rules to protect the private information of broadband customers.

OTI Applauds FCC Chairman’s Broadband Privacy Proposal

Strong privacy rules are needed to promote widespread consumer trust in broadband networks.

OTI Commends Senators on Stingray Investigation Letter

OTI commends Senators Franken, Leahy & Wyden for calling on the FCC Chairman to investigate the use of Stingray surveillance devices.

OTI Statement on the "Unlock the Box" Delay

Today, the Federal Communications Commission postponed a planned vote on the "Unlock the Box" proposal.

OTI to Senate: Agree to Senator Wyden’s Motion and Vote on the Stopping Mass Hacking Act

OTI argues Senate to support Senator Wyden's motion and to vote on the Stop Massing Hack Act.

OTI Urges the FCC to 'Unlock-the-Box' Without Delay

In the wake of the new published fact sheet and op-ed by FCC Chairman Wheeler, OTI urges the FCC to adopt the set-top rules he proposes.

OTI Joins Amicus Brief in Microsoft Corp. v. Department of Justice

OTI is proud to join with these organizations to demonstrate for the court the importance of notice in the 21st century.