Press Releases

OTI Welcomes Senate USA Liberty Act Which Significantly Improves Upon House Bill

The Senate USA Liberty Act provides a way forward for Congress to reauthorize Section 702 and increase protections for Americans' privacy.

FCC Passes Proposal That Would Destroy the Lifeline Program

More than just a subsidy, Lifeline is a critical program that offers families a pathway out of poverty.

OTI's Statement on the Vulnerabilities Equities Process Charter

Today, Rob Joyce, White House Cybersecurity Coordinator, released a new charter for the Vulnerability Equities Process (VEP).

OTI Urges House Judiciary Committee to Strengthen USA Liberty Act’s Reforms in Markup

As the House Judiciary Committee debates its bill to reauthorize and reform Section 702, OTI urges the committee to strengthen the bill.

OTI Urges Additional Improvements to USA Liberty Act After House Judiciary Committee Markup

Today, the House Judiciary Committee approved the USA Liberty Act (H.R. 3989), its bill to reauthorize and reform Section 702.

OTI and 44 Groups Send Coalition Letter Opposing Senate Intel’s Bill to Reauthorize and Expand Section 702 Surveillance

The bill would not enact any of the meaningful and reasonable reforms that Congress has been debating for years.

Open Technology Institute Publishes Model State Legislation for Broadband Privacy

New America’s Open Technology Institute publishes model legislation to aid states in improving privacy protections for broadband customers.

OTI Strongly Opposes Senate Intelligence Committee’s Bill to Expand and Reauthorize Section 702

The Senate Intelligence Committee's bill to expand and reuthorize FISA Section 702 would make Section 702 even worse for Americans' privacy.

Wireless Future Project and Consumers Union Joint Statement on FCC’s Next Generation TV Order

The FCC’s Next Generation TV Order could raise prices for cable customers and benefit powerful broadcast groups.

Wireless Future Project Statement On the FCC’s Irrational CBRS Proposal

The FCC's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to undo Citizens Broadband Radio Service rules will impede investment and innovation.

OTI Applauds Introduction of USA Rights Act to Reform Section 702

Today, the USA Rights Act to reform and reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was introduced.

Section 702 Reform Bill Is A Good Start, But Improvements Are Still Needed

Today, the draft of the House Judiciary Committee’s bill to reauthorize and reform Section 702 of FISA was made public.