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Technological Sovereignty: Missing the Point?

New America’s Open Technology Institute in partnership with the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin, Germany, released a new report tod

OTI Applauds FCC for Taking Steps to Protect Consumers During Technology Transitions

Today, the FCC took important steps to protect consumers as the technology used to route their phone communications and continues to evolve.

OTI partners with CityBridge on LinkNYC project replacing NYC payphones with free wi-fi hubs

OTI is pleased to announce its participation in LinkNYC, a plan to replace aging payphones in New York City with wi-fi hubs or "Links."

OTI STATEMENT: Senate Votes to Block Consideration of USA FREEDOM Act, But the Fight for Surveillance Reform Continues

Summary goes here

OTI Applauds FCC’s Plan to Raise the E-rate Funding Cap

Ensuring that schools and libraries have access to robust, affordable connectivity is critical in ensuring that learners of every age have a

As USA FREEDOM Act Heads to Senate Floor, OTI Reaffirms Its Strong Support and Opposes Any Anti-Privacy Amendments

USA Freedom heads to the floor.

OTI Study Shows Strong Network Neutrality Rules are Feasible for Mobile Carrier Networks

New America’s Open Technology Institute (OTI) today released an engineering study showing that mobile broadband providers have the capabilit

New Report: “Beyond Frustrated” — The Sweeping Consumer Harms as a Result of ISP Disputes

New America’s Open Technology Institute releases detailed report of consumer harms, needed policy interventions, in light of ongoing interco

President Obama Endorses Strong Approach to Net Neutrality

President Obama is right -- the best way to protect the open Internet is with strong rules and with FCC authority to enforce them under Titl

More than 70 Groups Sign On to Oppose the FCC’s Rumored “Sender Side” Approach to Network Neutrality

New America’s Open Technology Institute (OTI) joined nearly 70 organizations this morning in opposition to the “sender side” approach to net

NEW WEBSITE AND REPORT: How Do We Define “Cyber Incident,” “Cyber Attack,” and Other Key Cyber Security Terms?

New study on cybersecurity definitions.

NEW REPORT: The Cost of Connectivity 2014

A new report from New America’s Open Technology Institute (OTI) finds that customers in the U.S. continue to pay higher prices for slower In