Unlicensed Sharing of Broadcast Spectrum

Policy Paper
June 1, 2003

Each day, between the hours of waking, working, and sleeping, we unconsciously interact with an incredible variety of unlicensed devices. From controlling the garage door and monitoring the baby, to microwaving breakfast and speaking on a cordless phone, to keyless entry to a workplace and turning off the television via remote control, our interactions with unlicensed devices have become second nature. And each day, whether most of us realize it or not, we go to bed not having to pay a cent to anyone for the right to do these things.

What makes all of these conveniences possible? Simple, light-handed regulations that permit the unlicensed sharing of a small portion of the spectrum by multiple users at low power, subject to only technical restrictions. The benefits of this freedom to innovate within the unlicensed bands are seen daily in the numerous devices and conveniences we take for granted. Additional unlicensed spectrum would create opportunities for greater competition, more affordable high-speed Internet access, new wireless services, and ultimately, increased access by the public to a common asset.

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 unlicensed-sharing-of-broadcast-spectrum  unlicensed-sharing-of-broadcast-spectrum