Policy Papers

Building Broadband Commons

What roles should government, private industry, and civil society play in ensuring that all citizens have access to sufficient broadband?

A Public Interest Perspective on Local Number Portability

Examining the evolving role of the Local Number Portability Administrator in serving the public interest.

Telecommunications Policy and the Future of Work

The challenge of telecom policy for the future of work is fundamentally about parity between workers and employers in the information age.

Technological Sovereignty: Missing the Point?

Will proposals for European technological sovereignty actually increase cybersecurity on the continent?

Mobile Broadband Networks Can Manage Congestion While Abiding By Open Internet Principles

The FCC is considering whether to extend its Open Internet rules to mobile broadband networks, but the road is ripe with disagreement.

Beyond Frustrated: The Sweeping Consumer Harms as a Result of ISP Disputes

This report provides a full picture of the interconnection disputes described in a recent technical M-Lab report.

Compilation of Existing Cybersecurity and Information Security Related Definitions

OTI releases a study to contribute to greater clarity and an understanding regarding terminology related to cyberspace and cybersecurity.

The Cost of Connectivity 2014

When it comes to the Internet, Americans pay more and get less. That’s according to The Cost of Connectivity 2014.

Data and Discrimination

In an edited collection published by the Open Technology Institute, researchers explore whether digital data is adding to discrimination.

Visualizing Swing States in the Global Internet Governance Debate

This interactive map provides an overview of "swing states" in Internet governance and cybersecurity policy.

Community Networks for Resilience

Community broadband networks are looking like a possible solution to the limiting of choices and rising costs.

Surveillance Costs: The NSA's Impact on the Economy, Internet Freedom & Cybersecurity

The NSA's impact reaches far beyond security, also affecting the U.S. economy, American foreign policy and internet security as a whole.