SpaceX’s Internet Satellites Are Part of a Wave of New Tech That Could Give You More Choice in Broadband Providers

In The News Piece in Washington Post
Feb. 22, 2018

OTI and Wireless Future's Michael Calabrese was quoted in a Washington Post article on the growth of new technologies that could boost competition in 5G:

This potpourri of new technologies could bolster competition in various ways, according to Michael Calabrese, director of the Wireless Future Project at the New America Foundation. For example, imagine if your local telephone company could set up a wireless 5G hotspot in your neighborhood rather than digging into the ground to lay expensive Internet cables to each house. As the 5G might be just as good (if not better) than what the cable company offers, customers might benefit from more providers fighting for their loyalty.
“For competition, it’s particularly good," said Calabrese, "because it’ll allow these guys to overbuild — in other words, to become a competitive provider at relatively low capital cost."