Security Experts: Much to Learn From NSA Leak

In The News Piece in the Hill
Aug. 18, 2016

Kevin Bankston was quoted in the Hill about the lessons from the NSA leak:

“The key lesson is that there is no such thing as a vulnerability only we can use. Either other nations will discover it or bad guys are going to steal it from us,” said Kevin Bankston, Director of the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute.
Bankston was referring to more than just zero-days. Law enforcement agencies in the United States and around the world have argued that they need some form of access to encrypted communications. For that to work, manufacturers would have to introduce an entrance point. But if the keys to that entrance point ever escaped, it would become an unstoppable vulnerability.
“When the top hacking outfit on the planet is itself hacked, we should be concerned that keeping backdoors secure isn’t going to work.”
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