In Session at TPRC, Michael Calabrese of New America Emphasizes Vital Role of Spectrum Sharing

In The News Piece in Broadband and Breakfast
Feb. 18, 2021

Broadband Breakfast covered a presentation at the TPRC telecom policy conference by OTI Wireless Future Project Director Michael Calabrese. Calabrese emphasize the need for a new spectrum-sharing policy to most efficiently make use of airwaves, and examined the benefits of a "use-it-or-share-it" approach, as well as "opportunistic spectrum sharing."

More robust sharing policies and initiatives would bring several key benefits, Calabrese argued. He stated that such policies would allow for more efficient use of federal spectrum capacity; lower barriers of entry for more uses and users; promote service in rural and underserved areas; and promote secondary market transactions.
Calabrese said that the use-it-or-share-it approach serves a more positive addition to the older “use it or lose it” strategy, which he asserted is too punitive and draconian when used alone. He was not completely opposed to the “lose it” component but emphasized the benefits of using a combination of the two strategies to get the best of both approaches.
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