How Russian Hackers Will Impact the Encryption Debate on Capitol Hill

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Media Outlet: FedScoop

Ross Schulman was quoted in FedScoop about how Russian hackers may influence Capitol Hill's stance on encryption: 

To formally attribute recent, high profile cyberattacks to the Kremlin serves to fully recognize that a highly skilled, well resourced actor is actively working to erode basic privacies enjoyed in the U.S., cybersecurity experts say.
“This announcement from the intelligence community should definitely spark a move on Capitol Hill away from discussions of encryption backdoors,” according to Ross Schulman, senior policy counsel at New America’s Open Technology Institute.
“Being faced with the plain evidence of another nation working concertedly to interfere with our political process should take efforts to reduce encryption protections completely off the table. It’s time to move on from this conversation and begin discussing what law enforcement can do to adapt to a future with pervasive encryption,” Schulman said.

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Ross Schulman is a senior counsel and senior policy technologist at New America’s Open Technology Institute.