Court Upholds Net Neutrality--Major Win For Streaming Services

In The News Piece in Forbes
June 14, 2016

Sarah Morris was quoted in Forbes about the Court of Appeals decision to uphold the FCC's authority:

In a sweeping victory for Internet-based companies, video streaming services and the Obama administration, a federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld strict new rules for broadband providers that prohibit them from blocking or slowing down consumers’ access to Internet content.
The decision in the years-long battle over net neutrality is a blow to telecom and cable companies like Verizon and Comcast, who had forcefully opposed the rules. It’s a triumph for Netflix, Google, Amazon, Hulu and others who have feared consumers’ access to their content could be curtailed by internet service providers. It’s also a major win for Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler, an Obama appointee, who had promoted the rules with support from the administration.
Crucially, the decision will have far-reaching effects beyond established content providers as well. ”We need clear rules to ensure a level playing field and keep ISPs from picking winners and losers online,” says Sarah Morris, director of open Internet policy at the Open Technology Institute. ”This decision provides space for the next Netflix’s of the world to grow.”
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