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Baltimore Police Facing Scrutiny Over Cellphone Tracking

Laura Moywas quoted, and the Open Technology Institute's joint complaint to the FCC about the Stingray cellphone tracker was cited, in the Hill

Civil liberties groups jointly filed a complaint on Tuesday regarding the use of cellphone trackers by the Baltimore Police Department.
The Center for Media Justice, Color of Change and the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute are calling for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to investigate the Baltimore police for allegedly violating civil liberties laws, The Washington Post reports.
The groups claim that Baltimore police are violating the Communications Act, which requires a license to access frequencies normally used by wireless carriers.
"It seems quite likely that the Baltimore Police Department makes the heaviest use of this technology of any police department in the country," Laura Moy told the Baltimore Sun. Moy is a visiting professor at Georgetown University Law Center who is representing the groups.