Taking Our Body (Camera) Temperature

Recent Developments from the Field

Six months after hosting a panel discussion on police cameras, civil rights, and public safety, OTI will host a follow-up event on the current state of the body camera and police technology field. Panelists will provide a walk-through of recent and relevant policy developments in the world of body cameras, providing an overview of new research, advocacy efforts (such as the recently published Policy Scorecard), legislation, and actions by law enforcement.

Join OTI in our conversation as our panel of experts talk about the present and map out potential future steps. Possible questions include: Will body cameras be unrolled at national borders? Should they be? Has body camera footage been used as evidence in a criminal court case? Who has been paying for the body cameras, and in the past year, how much money have the vendors pulled in?

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Aliya Rahman
Program Fellow,  New America's Open Technology Institute @AliyaRahman

Joshua Breisblatt
Policy Analyst, American Immigration Council @jbreisblatt

Jeramie Scott
National Security Counsel, Electronic Privacy Information Center @JeramieScott

Harlan Yu
Principal, Upturn @harlanyu


Rachel Levinson-Waldman
Senior Counsel, Liberty and National Security Program,
Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law School