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OTI's Year in Policy Papers

Bug_thumbBugs in the System
Authors: Andi WilsonRoss SchulmanKevin Bankston and Trey Herr

JULY 28, 2016

This primer on the vulnerability ecosystem offers policy recommendations to ensure that vulnerabilities are discovered & patched quickly.

Getting up to Speed ThumbGetting Up to Speed
Authors: Emily Hong and Sarah Morris

JUNE 23, 2016

Today, an internet service plan is among the most important purchases that an American household can make.

Transparency_thumbThe Transparency Reporting Toolkit
Authors: Ryan BudishLiz Woolery and Kevin Bankston

MARCH 31, 2016

The Transparency Reporting Toolkit is a project by New America’s Open Technology Institute (OTI) and Harvard University’s Berkman Center for...

ReBuilding Tech Thumb(Re)Building Technology
Author: Ryan Gerety

FEBRUARY 17, 2016

(Re)Building Technology Volume 2: Build it Ourselves is a compilation of practices and stories from our community technology work in 2015.

EveryoneOn_ThumbOTI and EveryoneOn
Authors: Georgia Bullen and Greta Byrum

FEBRUARY 9, 2016

This toolkit is designed to provide a resource for any organization offering digital services.

Comm Tech ThumbCommunity Technology Retrospective: 2015 Seed Grants
Authors: Diana NuceraRyan Gerety and Andy Gunn

JANUARY 26, 2016

At the end of 2014, the Open Technology Institute & the Detroit Community Technology Project initiated the Community Technology Partnership.

FCC Privacy ThumbThe FCC's Role in Protecting Online Privacy

JANUARY 21, 2016

Share intimate details of your life with strangers, or be shut out of the Internet.

5.9 ThumbSpectrum Silos to Gigabit Wi-fi
Author: Michael Calabrese

JANUARY 12, 2016

The enormous and increasing economic value of unlicensed spectrum for both personal and business productivity is well-documented.