OTI wins prestigious partnership with the ABC* Foundation for Commotion mesh network technology

We’re excited to announce that the ABC Foundation has selected the Open Technology Institute (OTI) for a prestigious two-year partnership to deploy OTI’s Commotion toolkit for free, ubiquitous and more secure communications technologies. The ABC Foundation’s partnerships are awarded through a competitive process dedicated to finding and elevating entrepreneurs making significant contributions to their communities. The award follows OTI Director Sascha Meinrath’s groundbreaking presentation of the Commotion platform at ABC’s Continuity Forum last month in Miami, which highlighted the need for increased technological acumen in a 21st century economy and the urgency of increasing digital literacy amongst the poor.

Check out the video below of Sascha’s presentation:

Sascha Meinrath from Abc* Foundation on Vimeo.

You can also read the press release on the award, or read more information on Commotion on the Commotion website.


Chris Ritzo is a senior technologist with the Open Technology Institute at New America. Ritzo provides technical support, web development, information architecture, research, partner engagement, and project management to OTI for Measurement Lab and other initiatives.