Catch OTI and RDR at RightsCon!

OTI and Ranking Digital Rights are hosting panels at this year's RightsCon.

Don't Repeal Common-Sense Privacy Rules

Congress would wipe out protections for Americans’ private communications, giving internet providers the green light to sell that info.

March's Letter from OTI Director Kevin Bankston

Over the past month, the attacks on internet openness & security that we have been preparing for since the election finally began in earnest

The FCC's Privacy Rules Are on the Chopping Block

It would leave no rules on the books protecting the privacy of broadband consumers and no way for FCC to rectify the situation.

Measurement Lab Launches New Global Data Visualization Tools

Over the last year, M-Lab has been working to improve access to our data through visualizations and applications.

Robyn Greene Testifies Before House Homeland Security Committee

Robyn testified about the mutually reinforcing relationship between privacy and security.

Game On: The Fight to Stop Mass Surveillance Under Section 702 Has Begun

On December 31, 2017, the FISA Amendments Act is set to expire, unless Congress passes a bill to reauthorize it.

You Might Want to Work at OTI if...

Nine reasons why you should work at OTI.

February's Open Letter from OTI's Director

Kevin Bankston shares the latest letter from the OTI newsletter.

Getting Internet Companies to Do the Right Thing

Our mission here at OTI is to make sure that you, and everyone else around the world, has access to an internet that is both open and secure

Measurement Lab's Comments on the National Broadband Research Agenda

Last week, the NTIA and NSF released the NBRA after months of stakeholder consultation.

An Open Letter From The Director: OTI’s Positive Agenda in a Post-Trump World

OTI Director Kevin Bankston wrote an open letter identifying OTI's priorities following the presidential election.