Beyond Censorship

policy paper | July 11, 2006

    Brian Beutler Naveen Lakshmipathy

As the FCC dramatically increases fines for indecency over broadcast TV -- and as Congress and the President raise the fine limits by a factor of ten and threaten to extend decency standards to cable and satellite networks -- the debate over how best to protect children from inappropriate media has reached a fever pitch. The problem is real: a plethora of studies show that repeated exposure to violence, inappropriate sexual content and even repeated advertising for junk food can have a negative, long-term impact on children. And while television is today's primary battleground, it won't be long before most children have access to a portable wireless device with 24/7 access to unlimited video content over the Internet.

New America's policy roundtable revolved around the question of who is responsible for protecting kids from inappropriate media -- the government, industry, or parents armed with new technologies -- and what can each do?

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    Brian Beutler

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    Naveen Lakshmipathy