The Transition to ICANN is the Best Way to Protect Internet Freedom

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Media Outlet: The New York Times

Danielle Kehl wrote for the New York Times Room for Debate page about how the ICANN transition protects internet freedom.

While completing the transition in two years may have been ambitious, few can seriously argue that 18 years has been insufficient to assess whether ICANN functions reasonably well and to identify necessary safeguards for its continued success. Since Commerce announced its intention to complete the transition in March 2014, a wide range of internet stakeholders have participated in the arduous process of crafting a plan that seeks to replicate and strengthen existing accountability mechanisms without government oversight. The final plan may not be perfect, but Commerce, the ICANN board and large swaths of the internet community have embraced it.


Danielle Kehl is a fellow at New America's Open Technology Institute, where she researches and writes about technology policy issues.