Testimony Before the House Homeland Security Committee

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Media Outlet: House Homeland Security Committee

On March 9, Robyn Greene testified before the House Homeland Security Committee on the current state of DHS private sector engagement for cybersecurity.

My testimony will cover three topics: 1) OTI’s outstanding privacy concerns related to how much information can be shared, with whom, and how it can be used under CISA; 2) the ways in which the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has worked in its implementation of the law to protect privacy and simultaneously enhance cybersecurity, and 3) additional steps that the government could take to strengthen public-private partnerships related to cybersecurity, and to incentivize or encourage the private sector to adopt best practices, to meaningfully protect privacy and improve overall security. 

Read Robyn's full testimony and watch video of the hearing.


Robyn Greene is the policy counsel and government affairs lead for the Open Technology Institute at New America specializing in issues concerning surveillance and cybersecurity.