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Diversifying Congress, One Techie at a Time

Travis Moore wrote for the New America Weekly about ideas on how to diversify Congress.

We’ve designed TechCongress understanding that Congress has a technology and a staffing problem.  Building an effective organization requires that we be aware of—and try to develop solutions for—both challenges. In order to meaningfully meet these challenges and honor our inclusive values, it is necessary to spell out the dynamics which promote exclusion on the Hill in the first place.
Inclusion is one of our fundamental values.  Our work starts with a focus on broadening access to the levers of power.  And we embrace diversity and inclusion across multiple dimensions and actively seek and recruit applicants from underrepresented communities in order to do so.  This commitment and practice is part of our governing documents, and a value we model as we continue to grow and build TechCongress.  We pay a living wage and create a pathway into Congress that-- despite other great internship and fellowship programs-- remains a rare, accessible pathway to Congressional staff roles.