Policy Papers

Untamed: How to Check Corporate, Financial, and Monopoly Power

A policy agenda designed to rewrite the rules that shape the corporate and financial sectors.

Amazon: As EU Continues Scrutiny of US Tech Giants, Amazon is Increasingly Vulnerable in US to Antitrust Enforcement for Exclusionary Conduct in Books

Amazon’s potential antitrust risk is wide-ranging.

A Letter to Assistant AG William Baer Regarding Amazon

We believe that Amazon has gathered unprecedented market power over the world of books, which many experts have asserted make it both a mono

Antitrust: A Missing Key to Prosperity, Opportunity, and Democracy

For two centuries, the foremost subject of economic debate in America was how to maximize liberty and opportunity in our economy.

A King of Beers?

For consumers, it will become harder to get that special craft beer. For independent brewers, it will become harder to get to market and to

Out of Business

America’s entrepreneurial sector is in deep trouble.

Hard Landing

Across much of America, the air transport system is breaking down as the few surviving airlines simultaneously jack up fares and slash servi

Built to Break

Almost unnoticed, the world has become increasingly dependent on one or two suppliers for key materials and parts.