Obama’s Work to Limit Mergers May Stop With Trump Administration

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Photo: Steve Jurvetson / Flickr
Media Outlet: The New York Times

K. Sabeel Rahman was quoted in the New York Times about President-elect Trump's seemingly deregulatory agenda:

“So far the pattern seems to be a pretty traditional deregulatory agenda, which is at odds with the campaign but not at odds with the Republican Party,” said K. Sabeel Rahman, a law professor at Brooklyn Law School who writes about antitrust issues. “So I’m pretty skeptical that there will be an aggressive push on these issues.”


“We have a growing body of empirical evidence that suggests very strongly that there’s a relationship between increased market concentration and various measures of economic inequality or declining economic dynamism,” Mr. Rahman said. The culprit? “A couple decades of lax and spotty enforcement,” he said.

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K. Sabeel Rahman was a Class of 2016 & 2017 New America Fellow and author of Democracy Against Domination. He is an assistant professor of law at Brooklyn Law School.