Everything You Need To Know About The DNC Race

It's on.

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Media Outlet: Huffington Post

Barry Lynn was quoted in the Huffington Post about the future of the Democratic party:

A more sophisticated policy dialogue is emerging among party insiders who don’t want to throw out the Democratic identity message, but do want to craft a more attractive economic platform. In a cover story for Washington Monthly published last week, Barry Lynn, the director of the (centrist) New America Foundation’s Open Markets program, called to redirect the Democratic economic focus toward anti-monopoly policy. He argued that big banks, farm giants, Silicon Valley behemoths and health care titans have stripped communities of economic and political power in nearly every aspect of American life. Taking on corporate titans, Lynn argues, will resonate more with voters than wonky tax tables and charts tracking health care costs.

In the News:

Barry Lynn was the director of the Open Markets program at New America. He is author of Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction (Wiley 2010) and End of the Line: The Rise and Coming Fall of the Global Corporation (Doubleday 2005).