Elizabeth Warren Has A Real Plan To Drain The Swamp In Washington

Barry Lynn and the Open Markets Program were cited in a piece about Elizabeth Warren's speech at CAP's Ideas Conference
In The News Piece in Huffington Post
May 16, 2017

Barry Lynn and the Open Markets Program were cited as driving increased influence in antitrust policy in a piece by Daniel Marans about Sen. Elizabeth Warren's Speech at the Center for American Progress's Ideas Conference.

For years now, lax enforcement of antitrust laws has allowed smaller numbers of companies to dominate various industries. The total value of corporate mergers and acquisitions was greater in 2015 than any previous year on record. Some two-thirds of the 900 U.S. industries tracked by The Economist are now concentrated in the hands of fewer companies than they were in 1997.
This wave of consolidation has revived interest in antitrust regulations in liberal wonk circles, urged on by former business journalist Barry C. Lynn, director of the New America Foundation’s Open Markets program.