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Democrats Weigh Antitrust Effort Against Silicon Valley

Lina Khan and Barry C. Lynn were both cited in Vice's Motherboard in a story about antitrust efforts as they relate to Silicon Valley.

Declining Entrepreneurship, Labor Mobility, and Business Dynamism: A Demand-Side Approach

Barry Lynn and Lina Khan's paper "Out of Business" was cited in a new paper by the Roosevelt Institute.

Silicon Valley Could Get Pass in Democrats’ Antitrust Crusade

Lina Khan was quoted in Bloomberg about antitrust and Silicon Valley.

Democrats Imitate Trust-Busting Teddy in Own Populist Appeal

For the first time in three decades, Democrats are officially putting big business on notice: Don’t get too big or too powerful.

Market Power and Inequality: How Big Should Antitrust’s Role Be in Reducing Inequality?

Lina Khan's upcoming paper on the role of antitrust law on reducing inequality was covered by the University of Chicago's ProMarket.

A Middle-Class Stronghold’s Uncertain Future

What’s happening in Sheboygan is happening throughout the country.

Big pharmacies are dismantling the industry that keeps US drug costs even sort-of under control

When a pharmacy owns a PBM, “it’s a sweetheart deal—the two entities no longer have an incentive to negotiate with each other.”

The Infuriating Reason That Car Repairs Are So Expensive

Barry Lynn was quoted in the New Republic about how automakers have rolled up control of, and raised prices in, the car repair market.

Accusing Amazon of Antitrust Violations, Authors and Booksellers Demand Inquiry

The full case is made by Mr. Preston and Barry C. Lynn, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation and author of “Cornered: The New Monop

Here’s The Biggest Problem With Obama’s New Trade Push

Barry Lynn was quoted in the Huffington Post about the hard-to-achieve goals of the TPP.

Amazon Must Be Stopped

Barry Lynn was quoted in The New Republic about how big companies, like Walmart and Amazon, consolidate control of entire industries.

Authors unite against Amazon

On Monday, The New York Times reported that the group will also lobby the Department of Justice to investigate Amazon for illegal monopoly t