In the News

Top Tech Leaders to Meet With Trump

Barry C. Lynn was quoted in the Wall Street Journal about President-elect Trump's relationship with Silicon Valley.

How American Business Got So Big

Barry C. Lynn was interviewed by the Atlantic about why Americans should be more concerned with the enforcement of antitrust regulations.

In Search of the Great American Job

Brian Feldman was interviewed by Al Jazeera about the decline of America's jobs market in communities across the country.

The Post-Trump Fate of the Reformicons

Phillip Longman's Washington Monthly piece on reformicons was cited in the New Yorker.

Advocates Sense New Moment in Antitrust As Opposition Grows Against AT&T Merger

Lina Khan was quoted in BuzzFeed News about the growing opposition to industry concentration.

Liberals Wary as Facebook’s Sandberg Eyed for Treasury

Lina Khan was quoted in Politico about Sheryl Sandberg's possible appointment as the next Treasury secretary.

AT&T to Buy Time Warner in $85.4 Billion Deal

Barry C. Lynn was quoted in the Financial Times about AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner.

AT&T Has Made A Deal To Buy Time Warner — Will Washington Let Them?

Barry C. Lynn and Lina Khan were quoted in BuzzFeed News about AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner.

Silicon Valley Cozies Up to Washington, Outspending Wall Street 2-1

Barry Lynn was quoted in Bloomberg about Silicon Valley's lobbying budget.

Obama Thanks Himself—for a Slow, Partial Recovery

Phil Longman's article, "Bloom and Bust" was mentioned by David Dayen in a piece in The New Republic

Meet The Man Who Is Changing Washington’s Ideas About Corporate Power

Barry Lynn was profiled in the Huffington Post in a story about Washington's growing opposition to corporate monopoly power.

After Three Decades of Neglect, Antitrust Is Back on the Democratic Platform

Lina Khan's forthcoming paper was cited by Stacy Mitchell in an Op-Ed about the antitrust plank in the Democratic platform.