Trump Could Be the Most Corruptible President Ever

The founders wrote the Constitution to limit foreign money in American politics. The 45th president is about to throw that out the window.
Article/Op-Ed in Politico
Dec. 21, 2016

Zephyr Teachout wrote in Politico about President-elect Donald Trump and his potential conflicts of interest:

With a characteristic combination of delay, omission and Twitter, Donald Trump announced last week that his sons, two of his closest advisers, would take over running his companies and that he would keep his ownership stake. He would not liquidate his assets and put them into a true blind trust. This week, Trump’s team floated a new idea, a kind of trust that also wouldn’t be “blind” in any real way, since it would allow Trump to keep any eye on how his businesses are doing. All this means that when Trump becomes president, he and his family could still be getting payments and favors from his company’s foreign clients—from China to Georgia to the Philippines—who often have interests at odds with America’s.

It also means that Trump threatens to be the most corruptible president in American history.