Neil Gorsuch sides with big business, big donors and big bosses

His record shows he probably won't help rein in corporate power.
Article/Op-Ed in Washington Post
Feb. 21, 2017

Zephyr Teachout wrote for The Washington Post about Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch's judicial record on issues of corporate power:

One of the most important questions for analyzing a potential Supreme Court justice is how he or she understands economic and political power: Who should govern? How should power be distributed in a society? In the case of Neil Gorsuch, the federal appeals judge President Trump has nominated for the high court, the answers are troubling. Gorsuch’s record on the bench reveals a man with a strong top-down streak, a preference for concentrated wealth and power. He has consistently been the friend of big business and monopolies at the expense of competition and open markets, and the friend of big donors at the expense of small donors. In disputes between the employee and employer, he sides with the boss.