Democrats Need to Slow Uber's Roll

Article/Op-Ed in Times Union
Dec. 24, 2016

Matt Stoller wrote for Albany Times Union about why New York City and state officials should break up Uber's ride-sharing monopoly: 

Recently, Uber stopped allowing its drivers in New York City to use rival taxi-hailing services. In particular, Uber has been targeting drivers who use Juno, a platform that functions much like Uber. Uber often simply deactivates the driver's accounts.

This issue cuts straight to the fundamental problem with Uber. It has brought needed innovation to a staid taxi market, but it is also clearly a monopoly that abuses its power in ways that harm both drivers and riders.

This also cuts straight to the problem with Democrats in New York — both in New York City and in Albany — which is that nowadays rather than regulate or break up monopolies, they let them run roughshod over the public interest and individual rights.