Democrats Need to Slow Uber's Roll

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Media Outlet: Times Union

Matt Stoller wrote for Albany Times Union about why New York City and state officials should break up Uber's ride-sharing monopoly: 

Recently, Uber stopped allowing its drivers in New York City to use rival taxi-hailing services. In particular, Uber has been targeting drivers who use Juno, a platform that functions much like Uber. Uber often simply deactivates the driver's accounts.

This issue cuts straight to the fundamental problem with Uber. It has brought needed innovation to a staid taxi market, but it is also clearly a monopoly that abuses its power in ways that harm both drivers and riders.

This also cuts straight to the problem with Democrats in New York — both in New York City and in Albany — which is that nowadays rather than regulate or break up monopolies, they let them run roughshod over the public interest and individual rights.


Matt Stoller was fellow at the Open Markets program, where he researched the history of the relationship between concentrated financial power and the Democratic party in the 20th century.