How to Reboot the FTC

Lina Khan wrote for Politico about rebooting the FTC.

The Real Reason Middle America Should Be Angry

Brian S. Feldman wrote for the Washington Monthly about the causes of St. Louis' decline.

Bloom and Bust

Phil Longman wrote in the Washington Monthly about the United States' spiraling regional inequality and the policy decisions that caused it.

The next president should break up some big companies

Antitrust laws need to be enforced better. Here's how.

The government says airlines prey on consumers. That’s the government’s fault.

At every juncture, this was predicted. When Delta and Northwest sought to merge in 2008, consumer groups noted the tie-up would be the “cana

Wealth and Generations

By focusing on the growing riches of the “1 percent,” we miss another form of inequality that is bigger, and arguably even more dangerous.

Got Organic?

As organic products have moved from niche to mainstream, the politics surrounding organic farming have also changed. Some farmers believe th

The last state standing against corporate farming weighs a change

This isn’t the first time Schilz has attempted to overturn the CLMA. Last year, the senator introduced a bill that would have overturned the

The age of Amazon is upon us: How one court battle reveals the growing threat of monopoly

Today, given that the central players in the Internet economy are middlemen – platforms that connect buyers and sellers – pricing laws will

What everyone’s getting wrong about Amazon

Saying that Amazon’s monopoly over books doesn’t matter because it doesn’t also have a monopoly in televisions is like saying that John Rock

Thrown Out of Court

Lina Khan: "Late last year a massive data hack at Target exposed as many as 110 million consumers around the country to identity theft and f

Worse Than Michelle Rhee: Teachers And Public Schools Have A Shocking New ...

In another recent conversation occurring on Salon with Thomas Frank, Barry Lynn of the New America Foundation pointed out that the Democrati