World Economic Roundtable

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The 2008 financial crisis has had lasting effects on the world's financial health. New America NYC’s World Economic Roundtable set out to understand the consequences of the Great Recession on the domestic and global economy. In 2015, the Roundtable brought together business, media, and policy communities to help advance the discussion of policy reform ideas that will finally bring the crisis to an end, and lead to new global economic growth.

In 2015, the Roundtable hosted 18 invitation-only discussions, each with dozens of participants representing a range of industries. The program of presenters included: Lord Adair Turner, former Chair of Britain’s Financial Services Authority, on how to how to manage the world debt overhang; Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico, on the North American regional economy and Mexico as a manufacturing powerhouse; Kenneth Courtis, former vice-chair of Goldman Sachs, on the dangers of competitive devaluations; Chris Weafer of Macro-Advisors, on Russia’s economic pivot to Asia; and Rajiv Chaudhri, founder of Sunsara Capital, on the new economics of abundance.

The Roundtable also hosted a series of discussions on the now emerging third leg of the world economic crisis, which is centered on China and the economies that supply China, like emerging market commodity producers. It featured presentations by Henny Sender, chief financial correspondent for the Financial Times; Leland Miller, founder of the China Beige Book; Hu Ling, of China Finance 40; and other China experts on the property and investment bubble and its implications for the world economy.