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Ranking Digital Rights

We rely on dozens of companies – such as Facebook, Google, and AT&T – for the products and services that power our digital lives. But how committed are these companies to respecting our digital rights like privacy and freedom of expression?

New America's Ranking Digital Rights project will launch its inaugural Corporate Accountability Index with a ranking of 16 of the world's most powerful Internet and telecommunications companies on their commitments and disclosed practices affecting users' freedom of expression and privacy.

Join Ranking Digital Rights at Civic Hall to find out which companies are doing better than others, why there are no real "winners," and what concrete steps companies can take to improve. Presentation of the index results will be followed by a conversation about how consumers, activists, investors, and companies themselves can use that data to ensure that, as businesses power and shape our Internet, they also do a better job of respecting our rights.

The launch was webcasted globally.