Talking Mesh Networks with Raul Enriquez and Mario Peart

In The News Piece in Library Bytegeist
June 1, 2017

Raul Enriquez appeared on Library Bytegeist, a podcast of the Metropolitan New York Library Council, to talk about the mesh networks set up by New America's Resilient Communities team:

"What's different about this kind of network is that it' s community owned and governed. They decide what's going to happen on the network, how it's going to be accessed. They build it, they design it and they maintain it and there's nobody else telling them what to do with it. It's their infrastructure," said Raul Enriquez.
"Ideally, there will be more and more of these community-owned networks that they define and govern and sustain on their own with internet access because that's key to a lot of it. But when things go wrong, having it become a resilient operating network is very important."