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TED Radio Hour:  How Are Screens Changing The Face Of War?

Today airstrikes involve generals dictating - and soldiers carrying out - orders behind screens. Strategist P.W. Singer describes how screen

2016 Candidates' kids hit the campaign trail

Both sons also plan to contribute to Walker's campaign from campus, since they're active on Twitter and other social media platforms. Their

Christie's latest scandal could finally sink him

"He's struggling," says Julian Zelizer of Princeton University. "The question for a donor is this: Why invest in someone who in two days may

Labor unions hold back on endorsements for Hillary

Labor would also like stronger commitments from Clinton to not only fight for trade protections, but also push for an increase in the minimu

Christie: Anti-gay marriage clerk should be given new job, not jail

Such a response "instantly raises questions about whether he has a grasp on the kinds of questions he'll have to face as president," said Ju

Scott Walker the most tested of GOP candidates?

"This is a common thing for candidates to say in this age of cutthroat politics, an effort to show they can withstand challenges once in off

Clinton 'eager' to defend State record

Julian Zelizer, a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University, said the campaign is playing up Clinton’s foreign policy

Medicare and Medicaid at 50

The Health Leadership Forum recently hopped on the phone with one of the book’s editors, Julian E. Zelizer, a professor of History and Publi

How America's debate over Iran nuclear deal was shaped by Vietnam

The one-term Carter “paid a heavy political price” for the passage of the treaties, wrote Julian Zelizer, a historian at Princeton Universit

Small-Dollar Donor Mindset Helps Long-Shot Candidates Cash In

Julian Zelizer, a history and public affairs professor at Princeton University, said Carson's and Fiorina's lack of elective office experien

With support plummeting, New Hampshire could be ‘live free or die’ for Bush’s candidacy

Bush “demonstrated his wonkish qualities, though he certainly didn’t do enough to excite worried supporters,” concluded Princeton History Pr

UAL Chief’s Ouster Delivers New Blow to Christie’s Campaign

Christie’s diminished status in the presidential race is likely to hurt his standing at home, said Julian E. Zelizer, who teaches history an