Trump Nation

The State of (In)equality One Year Later
Joseph Sohm /

One year into his electoral victory, Trump and his administration have made sweeping declarations for a new agenda to reform education, immigration, criminal justice, and more—despite meeting intense gridlock in getting legislation passed on any of it. The back and forth of policymakers on Capitol Hill and other experts—on both sides of the aisle—have decried his positions for fanning the flames of inequality.

As we mark the first year of the new Administration, has the state of inequality shifted? Is the White House to blame, or longer-term obstacles of political polarization preventing progress? Is there any reason to have more optimism for the remaining three years?

On November 16, join New America NYC and the NYU McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research for a conversation on the prospects of solving inequality under the Trump Administration.


Christine Quinn @chriscquinn
President and CEO, Women in Need (Win)
Former Speaker, New York City Council

Karine-Jean Pierre @K_JeanPierre
National Spokesperson, MoveOn

Salamishah Tillet @salamishah
Co-founder and President, A Long Walk Home
Associate Professor of English and Africana Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Elana Broitman @elanabroitman
Director, New America NYC

This event in presented in partnership with the NYU McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research.