The Rise of Extreme Daycare

A Broadly Speaking event in collaboration with Pacific Standard
New America

As wealth inequality in America reaches new heights and wage growth for the middle and lower classes remains stagnant, more and more Americans are being forced to work late-night and early-morning shifts in order to support their families.

But who's looking after their kids?

Ten years ago, 9-to-5 childcare was standard. Not anymore. In a piece for Pacific Standard, Alissa Quart explores the fast rise of 24-hour daycare centers, where children are dropped off and picked up around the clock, and where many kids stay overnight. Quart calls this "extreme daycare." Are 24-hour childcare center destined to become the new normal? How will this trend affect the development of our children? Will it instill a new sense of independence -- or, rather, abandonment -- within a generation?

Join New America NYC and Pacific Standard for a conversation about the impact "extreme daycare" will have on our children, what families can expect, and the full set of policy options needed to accommodate working parents in New York City and across the country.

This event will also feature photographs from Alice Proujansky's series, Extreme Daycare, a look into 24-hour daycare centers and the problems of American middle class income inequality.


Alissa Quart
Author, Republic of Outsiders, Branded, and Hothouse Kids

Roxanne Savage
Group Family daycare provider
President, VOICE/CSEA

Keishya Coltrain
Group Family daycare provider

Jessica Grose
Author, Sad Desk Salad