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Taking Back Iraq

For Iraq’s second largest city and its youngest citizens—the subjects of the latest episode from VICE on HBO—what happens next is far from certain.

The city of Mosul has been central in the war to defeat Islamic State. In 2014, Iraqi troops surrendered Iraq’s second largest city to Islamic State, and last October, a U.S. supported coalition of Iraqi and Kurdish troops announced a long-awaited offensive to retake the city. In “Taking Back Iraq,” VICE correspondent Aris Roussinos embedded with Iraqi forces on the road to Mosul as they began their assault on Islamic State's last stronghold in Iraq.

The violence in Mosul and across the region has had lasting effects on the Iraqi population—it has become the youngest population in the world. The majority of people living there today have grown up in the shadow of the 2003 invasion, but with the Islamic State seemingly on the verge of defeat in the country, VICE correspondent Isobel Yeung travels to Iraq in "The Lost Generation" to see what the future looks like through the eyes of its youth.

Join New America NYC and VICE at Lincoln Center for a screening of Taking Back Iraq & The Lost Generation and for a conversation with the episode’s producers and international security experts on the realities of present-day Iraq and what’s at stake for a stable future. 


Joe Langford @joeclark66
Editor, VICE on HBO

David McDougall @david_emcd
Producer, VICE on HBO

Beverly Chase @beverlychase
Supervising Producer, VICE on HBO

Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Follow the conversation online by using #VICEonHBO and by following @NewAmericaNYC.