The China Hustle

A Social Cinema Screening

There are no good guys in this story, including me. – Dan David, GeoInvesting

After the 2008 financial collapse, U.S. investors began scouring global markets for new opportunities for high returns, and they turned to China to take part in its explosive economic growth. Looking beyond profits that seemed too good to be true, a band of rogue Wall Street outsiders uncovered a massive web of multibillion-dollar fraud.

From the producers of Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, The China Hustle takes a deep dive into China's economic miracle to reveal how many ordinary Americans who want to invest in China's dynamic growth—through pension funds, retirement savings, and mutual funds—are unaware they could be holding billions of dollars of junk.

Academy-Award® nominee Jed Rothstein follows Dan David and a group of whistleblower investors who go to China to discover a landscape ripe for fraud. Working with Chinese investigators who put their freedom at stake, they expose hundreds of small Chinese companies that have vastly overvalued their assets, revenues, and and future prospects—representing 1.1 trillion dollars in market value on the NYSE and NASDAQ—and the American companies willing to turn a blind eye while they rake in huge profits.

Join New America NYC for an advanced screening of The China Hustle and a conversation with the film's director, key subject, and experts that considers the accountability and transparency needed to protect investors and asks: what will happen if the China bubble bursts?


Jed Rothstein @boerumhillfilm
Director, The China Hustle

Dan David
Chief Investment Officer, F.G. Alpha Management, and Co-founder, GeoInvesting
Featured subject, The China Hustle

Dune Lawrence @DuneLawrence
Investigative Reporter, Bloomberg & Businessweek

Jiayang Fan @JiayangFan
Staff writer, The New Yorker

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