Achieving A Just Peace in Israel/Palestine

A debate between Peter Beinart and Yousef Munayyer

In the wake of the formation of the new Israeli government and as the Vatican formally recognizes the the state of Palestine, the debate about Israel/Palestine in the United States is shifting. As many look past a two state solution that seems increasingly difficult to achieve, more fundamental debates about Zionism, partition and equality are gaining greater prominence.

Join New America NYC for a debate over these questions between Peter Beinart, Senior Fellow at New America, and Yousef Munayyer, Executive Director of the US Campaign to End Israeli Occupation.

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Peter Beinart
Senior Columnist, Haaretz
Associate Professor of Journalism and Political Science, CUNY
Senior Fellow, New America

Yousef Munayyer
Executive Director, US Campaign to End Israeli Occupation


Sigal Samuel
Deputy Editor, The Jewish Daily Forward
Author, The Mystics of Mile End