A Mauritanian Abolitionist Visits the United States

Alexis Okeowo wrote for the New Yorker about Biram Dah Abeid, a Mauritanian abolitionist that visited the United States.

The City that Never Sleeps Is Waking Up to Its Pay Problems

In many places, people are working full-time jobs that pay $7.25—the current federal minimum wage—and are still living in poverty.

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If Paul Ryan was watching the Benghazi hearings, he got a good taste of what he is going to be in for if he is elected as speaker of the Hou

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Republicans have been saying some rather remarkable things on the campaign trail. While the Democrats were debating in Las Vegas, Mike Hucka

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The contrast between the Democratic debate in Las Vegas and the first two times the Republican candidates met was striking. Those debates fr

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Next week, when Democrats gather for their first televised debate, they are almost certain to discuss the state of America's economy. Becaus

Why I Invited Marc Maron to Speak at Princeton University

Several months ago, I decided to invite the comedian Marc Maron, host of the popular podcast WTF and the star of the television show Maron,

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Many people think that the congressional Republicans are imploding. The surprising resignation of Speaker John Boehner has generated numerou

After Trump, will GOP accept higher taxes?

Donald Trump has managed to open up a serious debate within Republican politics. His call to eliminate a tax break that protects the wealth

Rivals figure out how to undercut Trump

In the first half of the CNN Republican debate Wednesday, Donald Trump succeeded in his basic campaign strategy: make the entire contest abo

70th VJ Parade Shows Off China's Latest Military Tech, and a Big Job Cut

The numbers are in for China's big day. In memory of the 20 million Chinese soldiers and civilians who died in World War II, 12,000 troops (