Policy Papers

The Danger of Long-Term Structural Unemployment

The current debate over job creation versus fiscal restraint may be the most decisive debate about America’s future in the post-bubble era.

U.S. and Europe: Shaping a New Model of Economic Development

The Great Recession of 2008-09 has put enormous strain on the social contracts of Western economies.

The Worrying Return of Inequality

Over the past three decades, inequality in the United States increased dramatically, reaching Robber Baron-era proportions in 2007.

A Family-Based Social Contract

Americans instinctively revere the family as an institution that helps facilitate all other aspects of life.

Yeoman's Return

Though Americans are deeply divided in their politics, they still generally share one transcendent political value.

The American Social Contract: From Drift to Mastery

Our social contract has evolved over the course of American history in response to changing economic and political conditions.

A Citizen-Based Social Contract

In the 20th century, Americans adopted a new "social contract."