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New America congratulates PNPI on establishment of 501(c)(3)

New America wishes to congratulate Postsecondary National Policy Institute executive director MaryEllen McGuire on the successful establishment of PNPI as its own independent 501(c)(3).

PNPI has become an indispensable source of professional development to Congressional staff working on higher education issues, and New America is proud to have played a role in incubating and growing an initiative of such importance.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with PNPI in the future, as it takes its natural next step as an initiative focused on providing continuing education to federal policymakers.

“New America has supported me and the initiative incredibly,” PNPI director MaryEllen McGuire said. “We have had the creative space to pursue our ideas, and it has been inspiring to work alongside some of the smartest minds in Washington.”

“Moving into our next stage of growth is exciting for us, but also a testament to the support offered by New America over the years,” McGuire said.

McGuire has been with New America for more than six years, contributing her education policy expertise in various capacities. She has served as Executive Director of PNPI since 2011. The new PNPI will officially launch later this year.

New America CEO Anne-Marie Slaughter said: “We are proud to have played a role in helping PNPI and MaryEllen to reach this point. It’s an exciting time for them, but also for us, as we watch a program we helped incubate continue to grow.”