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Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Robert J. Abernethy Joins the New America Board of Directors

New America is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert J. Abernethy to its board of directors.

Mr. Abernethy is the chairman and founder of American Standard Development Company, and managing director of Metropolitan Investments. He spent 20 years in public service in California, as the Commissioner of California Transportation Commission and Los Angeles Telecommunications Commission, and as a member of the California State Board of Education, among other roles. He is also a member of the advisory council for the Johns Hopkins School of International Studies, and serves as vice-chairman of the Atlantic Council.

"I am excited to be a part of New America because of their work to renew American politics and advance the prosperity and wellbeing of all those who live in America,” said Mr. Abernethy.

“We’re thrilled to have Robert’s profound experience in local policy on our board,” said New America President and CEO Anne-Marie Slaughter, “As New America continues to broaden our national network to amplify our work beyond Washington, perspectives from practitioners like Robert will be invaluable.”

The New America board of directors is co-chaired by Reihan Salam and Jonathan Soros, and includes top leaders from media, nonprofits, and the private sector.