Policy Papers

The New Era of Progressive Federalism

Federalism—taking the opportunity to innovate, experiment, and evaluate at the state and local level—is not merely a second-best option.

SHIFT Commission Report of Findings

New America and Bloomberg released the findings from a yearlong effort to study the future of work in America.

Roadmapping A U.S.-German Agenda for Artificial Intelligence

The findings of a joint workshop with the German Embassy to roadmap critical research areas related to artificial intelligence.

Collaborative Policy Development

Ben Scott argues that the civic enterprise model of engagement can truly connect government to citizens and policy to action.

Unlocking the Climate Puzzle

A major report on how to solve climate change.

Undermining Pell: Volume III

Public colleges are increasingly adopting the enrollment management tactics of private-colleges to the detriment of low-income students.

Political Dynamism

Lee Drutman makes the case for political dynamism as an affirmative vision of politics.

Promise and Compromise

The second in a series of briefs examining the case for & against automatic income-based student loan repayment through payroll withholding.

Understanding Student Loan Debt

This paper focuses on prospective and recently-enrolled college students’ perspectives on taking out and repaying student loans.

Familiarity with Financial Aid

College Decisions Part III: Familiarity with Financial Aid focuses on what information students know about financial aid options.

New Economy, New Social Contract

Steven Hill outlines a fair, sensible and affordable way to create a new safety net for this new economy.

Broadband Truth-in-Labeling

This document updates the original Broadband Truth-in- Labeling proposal first offered by OTI in 2009.