She Famously Said That Women Can’t Have it All. Now She Realizes that No One Can.

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Photo: Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images
Media Outlet: The Washington Post

Anne-Marie Slaughter was profiled in the Style section of the Washington Post

To spend a day with Anne-Marie Slaughter is to be convinced that women really can’t have it all. Also, that men can’t, either.
And that really the whole conversation is kind of a crock, achieving very little beyond inducing a low-grade depression in anyone who happens to be listening. 
Anne-Marie Slaughter would probably agree with this assessment, despite having risen to national prominence with the publication of a 2012 Atlantic Magazine article entitled “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.”
You see, since the noise died down and the millions of incensed readers stopped clicking, she’s had some pretty significant changes of heart.

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Anne-Marie Slaughter is the president and CEO of New America, a think ​and action ​tank dedicated to renewing America in the Digital Age.