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NSA Director: Snowden’s Leaks Helped Terrorists Avoid Tracking

The admiral declined to provide specifics. “I don’t want them to have any doubt in their minds we are aggressively out hunting and looking f

NSA Chief: Edward Snowden Leaks Hurt US Counterterroism Efforts And Surveillance Capabilities

The NSA director made his comments during a cybersecurity conference on Monday, Feb. 23, sponsored by the New America Foundation, which was

NSA Security 'Backdoors' Feasible, Require Legal Framework - NSA Director

“I think that overwhelmingly this is technically feasible, but it needs to be dealt with in a framework,” Rogers said on Monday when asked w

Quoted: Yahoo exec vs. NSA on ‘backdoors’

“If we're going to build defects, backdoors or golden master keys for the U.S. government, do you believe we should do so… for the Chinese g

NSA chief says agency complies with ‘law’ after spyware reports

The head of the U.S. National Security Agency declined comment Monday on reports that the United States implants spyware for surveillance pu

Cyber threat challenges military structure

"I had some discussions recently with the senior leadership on maybe the word 'command' in this space is not right," Cardon said Feb. 23 at

NSA's Rogers makes the case for cyber norms

"Escalation is not something that is unique to the domain of cyber," Rogers said at a New America Foundation conference in Washington, D.C.

NSA chief says U.S. cyber infrastructure lags behind adversaries, expects major attack

Speaking to a cybersecurity forum hosted by New America, a D.C. think tank, Adm. Rogers said the nation has already seen a number of high-pr

When Culture’s Soft Power Confronts Hard Limits

Over the past year, the Cedar Cultural Center has joined a growing list of groups and organizations using music-based outreach programs to M

Budget Hearings, NSA, National Guard in the Week Ahead

The New America Foundation hosts the director of the National Security Agency, Adm. Mike Rogers, as part of an all-day conference on cyberse

NSA Chief Mute on Spyware, Critical on Snowden

The NSA’s online data collection is not “a silver bullet in itself” to prevent terrorism, but “it generates value for the nation,” Rogers sa

Why Are American Schools Obsessed With Turning Kids Into Robots?

High-stakes testing has failed as a stand-alone measure of performance for students, teachers, schools, and districts, according to Kamenetz