The Future of Cities

New America

The 21st century is quickly becoming the era of the city. It has marked the first time in human history that the majority of us live in urban areas, and has seen the rise of the metropolis as an increasingly preeminent force in economic growth, social innovation, technological development, and even diplomatic relations.

But what can, and should, we expect of our cities in the future? And how can we best keep them resilient in the face of globalization and rapid urbanization, and make them sustainable, inspiring places for people to work, live, and play?

New America and the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) invite you to a conversation on the challenges, policy innovations, and opportunities for cities, and what lessons can be drawn from city-states like Singapore.

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Ambassador Ashok Kumar Mirpuri
Singapore’s Ambassador to the United States

Anne-Marie Slaughter
President and CEO, New America

Monica Potts
New America Fellow @MonicaBPotts

Charles Kenny
2012 Bernard L. Schwartz Fellow, New America
Author, The Upside of Down: Why the Rise of the Rest is Good for the West and Getting Better: Why Global Development is Succeeding and How We Can Improve the World Even more


Joshua Keating
Staff writer, Slate