[ONLINE] - COVID: The End of Big Cities or the Dawn of a New Era?


Cities are changing, fast. The pandemic brought an exodus from urban areas at the same time as reimagined living conditions to those who stayed, among them bicycle-friendly areas, outdoor dining and shopping zones, and buyer- and renter-friendly markets.

What permanent effects can we expect once COVID is in the rearview mirror? Will cities decline, simply “return to normal,” or chart a path to something else entirely? Join The Progress Network for a conversation with Penny Abeywardena, NYC’s Commissioner of International Affairs, and Richard Florida, one of the world’s leading urbanists, as they assess the future of big cities in the short- and long-term.

We’ll discuss whether remote work is here to stay, how cities can address the economic harms of COVID, whether the pandemic is truly a tectonic shift away from dense urban areas or not, where it might make sense to move or invest, and more.


Penny Abeywardena
Commissioner, NYC Mayor's Office of International Affairs

Richard Florida
Founder, Creative Class Group

Zachary Karabell
Founder, The Progress Network

This event is presented by The Progress Network, based out of New America.

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